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The characteristics of this lipstick are Non-stick cup, no rub off, velvet matte surface. To remove, one must use olive oil or discharge makeup oil to discharge. Velvet Matte, Highly saturated, Highly pigmented, Easy to wear.

Vista Foundation Creme

The lightweight, yet high-impact coverage formula glides onto the skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day. Your activities have no effects in the way you look at the end of the day.Oil free. Perfect for oily skin.

Vegan Products

Most of Vista Collections are vegan and hypoallergenic, which buyers should have no issues wearing these collections all day. They provide a smooth feel that would keep your lips moisturized. Glamor yourself all day!

Vista Makeup Brush

Feel Confident, Never Confused - Tired of never knowing what to do with your expensive set of makeup brushes? Every blending brush for makeup in this Vista face and eye brush set is individually named and numbered.

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